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Raffi on Broadway is a Raffi video released in 1993. It was recorded from April 7-11, 1993 at the Gershwin Theater in New York City and a celebration of all that we love on this big, beautiful planet.


  1. Overture
  2. All I Really Need
  3. Rise and Shine
  4. Rainstorm
  5. Big Beautiful Planet/Clean Rain
  6. The Bowling Song
  7. Like Me and You
  8. Day-O
  9. De Colores
  10. Will I Ever Grow Up
  11. Everything Grows
  12. Baby Beluga
  13. K.S.E. Promise Song
  14. Evergreen Everblue
  15. One Light One Sun
  16. This Little Light of Mine
  17. Encore:
  18. Brush Your Teeth (Rap)
  19. Down By the Bay
  20. All I Really Need (reprise)
  21. Credits
  22. Haru Ga Kita
  23. May There Always Be Sunshine


Keyboards and vocals

Michael Creber

Bass, Accordion and vocals

Connie LeBeau

Directed by

Philip Adelman


Lee Moskof

Manager/Legal Representation

Ronald E. Feiner

Executive Producer, Video & Album

Phil Ramone

Producer, Video

John Love, New Vision Communications

KSE Chorus Members

  • Andrea Arias
  • Opal
  • Diana Becker
  • Christina Capobianco
  • Ava Conoval
  • Johnathan Donnefeld
  • Katie Dornenmann
  • Shannon Dorenmann
  • Anna Feiner
  • Ara Glen-Johanson
  • Dylan Glen-Johanson
  • Jennifer Grace Gordon
  • Jamie Karkhanis
  • Jessica Leventhall
  • Evan Love
  • Lukas Previn
  • BJ Ramone
  • Michael Rossinsky
  • Brandon Yankowitz