Good Luck Boy is the first album released by Raffi. This album was released on an unknown date in 1975. This is the first of the several albums Raffi released with adults in mind.




Lance Bennett - harmonica
Pat Godfrey - piano
Ben Mink - violin, fiddle
Bill Usher - percussion
Curly Boy Stubbs - 2nd guitar
Mary Chapman - background vocals
Trevor McHattie - cello
Gene Falbo - electric bass on Sleep Song, and Play
"Melancholy Baby" Sweetheart; acoustic bass on Fakin' it Blooze
Paul Fortier - electric bass on Good Luck Boy,
Thinking Only of You and Streets of London
Pee Wee Charles - pedal steel guitar
Raffi - vocals and acoustic guitar

Streets of London string arrangement by Paul Mills and Raffi

Produced by Paul Mills
Engineer: Don Geppert

photography: Brian Pel
recorded at Thunder Sound; Toronto, 1975

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Raffi Good Luck Boy

Raffi Good Luck Boy

Full Album

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